EDM - The Online Exploration Data Management System

The Exploration Data Management online service is focused on streamlining, organizing and presenting data for a variety of geological environments. The Exploration Data Management, EDM, online service is designed for mineral exploration, development, and mining projects. As such the EDM also supports data management for other industries utilizing similar surface, drilling, and analytical data collection processes.

There is no software installation required to use the service, only your browser. The EDM provides maximum flexibility and utility, enabling surface and drill data to be entered on the fly from anywhere in the world, processed, and then presented in attractive, customizable user reports for all stakeholders.

The EDM has been used to manage active drill programs around the world for nearly a decade and the results are impressive. In one installation alone, the EDM resulted in a 75% reduction in manpower requirements. It is an extremely cost effective solution managing mining industry exploration data. The EDM allows real-time access to geologic and analytical data from anywhere in the world, which ensures rapid, informed decision making.

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What is the EDM?

The development of the EDM began in the early 2000’s as a SQL database to answer the need to manage active drill programs with multiple projects and 30 plus drill rigs. The initial application resulted in a 75% reduction in manpower requirements, while providing real time access to geologic and analytical data. By the late 2000’s, based on multiple client feedback the EDM was migrated to a web based user interface and the core functionality was expanded.

In 2010, the application was further expanded to support multiple customers utilizing a cloud based secure hosting service. While initially developed to meet the needs of gold centric projects, the application has also been utilized in porphyry copper, and rare element systems. As a result the application is now easily adaptable to any metallogenic system and continues to be used on projects worldwide by various clients.

The EDM SQL database includes tools that minimize the time between data acquisition and availability to end users. Our product reduces data management cost by greatly simplifying workflows. We help increase data accuracy by maintaining control over data integrity and security through extensive auditing.

Companies using the EDM application benefit from streamlined data flow to key experts during 43-101 resource evaluations and feasibility studies.

What can the EDM do for you?

“The EDM” is a multi-user web based exploration Data Management System designed to meet the real-time dynamic needs of exploration and development projects, significantly reducing data management costs and increasing data accuracy.

The home screen from our Training Site is shown below. The basic concept is to provide access to all information concerning a particular drill hole from one screen. Note there is a separate tab for surface or point samples as well.

Home Screen of The EDM showing drill hole data


Data Entry

Data can be uploaded from customizable Excel® spreadsheets, although direct entry on web forms is supported if internet access is available. Assay and geochemical certificates received from labs are imported and stored in an isolated repository. Data from this repository are posted to the assay, geochem, and QaQc tables based on rule sets managed by client-designated user.

Surface samples or other point sample data can be entered directly or from Excel® spreadsheets. Assay lab files automatically post to the surface sample table following the rule sets mentioned above.

Geologic logs can be entered using basic import template or user-modified import templates. Management of different log versions, including relogs, is quick and easy.

Bulk Data Importing

Legacy and bulk data can be imported from spreadsheets utilizing the geologic log import module.

Data Importing
Category XLS Manual
Drill Hole Header/Collar Yes Yes
Dbsheet/Drill Samples Yes No
QaQc Samples Yes Yes
Assay Certificates Yes No
Drill Hole Surveys Yes Yes
Geology Drill Log Yes Yes
Surface or Point Samples Yes Yes
Geology Codes No Yes
Lab Methods No Yes
Standards No Yes
Projects No Yes
Areas No Yes
Geologist No Yes
Users/Permissions No Yes

Data Integrity

Extensive data validation routines are integral to the system. For example, when lab files are imported, lab methods and elements are checked against look up lists. Look up lists are also utilized for all geologic parameters. Each project can have a unique set of look up lists. Referential integrity is enforced on Project, Holename and Depth in primary tables.

Database Security

A robust security model is in place using SQL Server® to limit permissions based on assigned roles. For instance, all valid users are able to view most data but are not allowed to make changes. A user assigned to the Geology role can modify geologic records but cannot create assay records. The security model is managed from an administrative form by a client-designated user.

Changes to data in the primary tables are audited in the background so there is a complete list of changes available indicating what, when and who made them.

Data Reporting

User customized reporting is available along with various standard reports. Export files can be created to support virtually any third party application. Significant intercepts can be calculated and stored using a user configured color-coded interactive form.

Productivity Tools
Compositing (GxT calculator)
Significant Intercept Calculation
RC Sample Generator
Sample Data Digger (Quick Find)
Standards Management
Geology Log Template Mapping
Lab Method Management
Surface Sample Management
Drill Hole Data Delete
Remove Header Records
QA QC Charting
Feature Request Submission
Geolog Import
Geodata Digger Report *
Drill Hole Table Data Exporting
Drill Hole GeoData Exporting
Drill Hole Assays Complete Report
Drill Hole Recent Changes Report
Drill Hole Assay Report
Results By Method Report
Drill Hole Header Report
Surface Sample Data Report
Certificate Surface Samples Processed Report
Automated Email Reports
ODBC Support For 3rd Party Software
KML For 3rd Party GIS Software

*Geodata Digger Report allows the user to simply select via menu check boxes any custom combination of drill hole analytical and/or geologic variables, (click here to see a report example). Geodata Digger Report format can also be used to export custom data sets.


Our pricing is flexible and dependent on the needs of your application. In addition to the EDM application itself our associates offer a full line of support services to help you get a handle on your data. Please contact us to discuss your organization's requirements in more detail. Contact Us for pricing and customization options.

What help do we offer you?

Our associates are available to provide direct data organization and management support, to help you address the ‘Where do we start?' question. EDM associates can:

Our associates can provide ongoing support for new data upload, verification and reporting in the event in-house resources are unavailable. Please contact us for pricing and additional information.

Customized functionality and integration services can be provided to meet your business requirements.

Help with your EDM installation

Our associates are committed to providing full support for our loyal customers. Our comprehensive training on the usage and best practices of the EDM will ensure you and your employees get the most out of your EDM installation.

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